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DLM Editions

Cloud Edition

DLM Cloud Edition is a web-­based, hosted system that will make your loan management job easier than ever. All you need is an Internet browser and you’ll find DLM at your fingertips any time you need it, from your office, home, or on the road. If you’re sometimes on a PC, sometimes on a Mac, no problem. Use any operating system you like. Navigation is elegantly simple and intuitive, with menus, icons, and links that instantly take you to the task at hand, whether you’re posting a batch of transactions or generating the latest portfolio summary report.

Benefits of the Cloud Edition

  • Use DLM anywhere.​ Have satellite offices? Need to work from home or on the road?  Simultaneous access is a given. Gather mission-­critical information in real time when and where you need it.
  • Leave all the IT to us.​ Our hosted system offers state­-of­-the-art technology, powered by an industrial-strength database system, enterprise-­level security, and redundant backup systems. Software updates arrive automatically. Subscribe to new modules, and they seamlessly appear on your system.
  • Integrated web services. On the cloud, DLM is automated to take advantage of powerful web services from Google and others, making geo-­mapping and looking up geographically­-based income guidelines instantly available.
  • Enterprise-level security. Your data is housed on the most trusted industrial-strength web hosting services (AWS), offering multi-layered firewall protection and automated, redundant backup services. All communications are secured by SSL transmission protocols. For details, see technical specifications.

DLM Cloud Edition is available by monthly subscription. Annual discounts are available. For details, see the Cloud Order Form and list of A​dd-­On Modules.​

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Desktop Editions

Desktop versions of DownHome Loan Manager come in two editions: B​asic ​and S​elect.​ These editions are designed to operate in a traditional installation-­based environment. Both are available with an optional multi­user license so staff may simultaneous access DLM over the organization’s own local network. Choose from an array of add­-on modules to meet specific needs such as automated ACH transactions, Credit Bureau Reporting, reporting to the CDFI and much more.

Desktop editions are available by purchasing a user license and annual service contract. For details, see the Desktop Order Form ​and list of A​dd-­On Modules.

Desktop Editions


Migrating from the desktop to the cloud

Already a DLM Desktop user?​
We’d love to take you to the cloud. We’ll make it easy for you by migrating your data and simplifying the process of moving from a licensing arrangement to a subscription plan. It only takes us a few days to migrate your backup, so you’ll be up and running again in no time. We’ll apply the remaining investment you made in the desktop system to the cloud subscription plan you select.

Considering DLM Desktop Editions?
​It is possible you’ll want to start with one of our desktop editions. Why? While we are working hard to build all of the add­-on modules for the Cloud Edition, currently some are still available only on the desktop. If your goal is to have a cloud-­based loan management system, but need to use a module that’s not yet available in the cloud, don’t let that stop you. Start with a license and service contract for one of the desktop editions and we’ll move you over to the DLM Cloud Edition as soon as the module you need is ready.

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