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Product Features

DownHome Loan Manager (DLM) is loan-tracking software created expressly for not-for-profit community lenders. We know how important it is to focus your energies on your borrowers, so we designed DLM to simplify the business side of your client relationships. DLM makes it easy to manage your loan accounts, communicate with your clients, and report to your funders.

DownHome Loan Manager is powerful, flexible, and easy to use.  The core system covers all the essentials, and add-on modules are available for specialized needs.

DLM makes posting loan payments a snap, automatically calculating interest, principal and fees. It keeps track of all payments and charges and includes this information on monthly bills to borrowers. The core system easily accommodates changes in loan terms, as well as non-standard payments, work-outs, restructures, etc.  DLM’s standard reports allow you to view your entire portfolio or filter by specific loan program, whether you report to the SBA, CDFI, USDA, or other funders.

DLM is now available as a web-based hosted application.  Learn more about DLM on the Cloud

Core System Highlights

Manages several loan programs in the same database:

  • Maintains data by separate loan program and/or for entire database
  • Tracks multiple sub-accounts within each loan program
  • Allows multiple loans per borrower, including different loan programs
  • Customizes rates and terms for each loan

Automates record posting:

  • Calculates interest, fees, principal for each account transaction
  • Keeps separate cumulative balances for outstanding principal, interest, late charges and technical assistance fees
  • Built-in error-checking to catch common data entry errors
  • Online help for posting transactions

Prints billing statements:

  • Accommodates two monthly billing cycles (1st and/or 15th of the month)
  • Prints bills to fit address-window envelopes for easy mailing
  • Provides detailed summary of account status, including past due balances, aging status, etc.
  • Prints hard-copy reports for tracking and record-keeping

Monitors performance of overall loan portfolio:

DLM provides an array of management reports that can be sorted and filtered by various criteria (for example, sort your portfolio by loan fund or lending sector, select by date range, filter by loan types and transaction types).  DLM produces Portfolio Summary Reports in a variety of formats.  Specific reports include:

  • Portfolio Summary reports active accounts
  • Inactive accounts
  • Trial Balance
  • Delinquency
  • Transaction summaries
  • Transaction details
  • Closings
  • Maturity
  • Loan status changes
  • Year-end 1098 interest statements
  • Loan demographics

Add-on Modules

A wide array of add-on modules are available for specialized needs.  Among them are ACH batch processing and direct deposits, credit bureau reporting, CDFI reporting, Participation loans, Escrows, Client management, Capital management, IDA savings program…  See a detailed list of Add-on Modules.