Analytics Module

Projected Earnings Report calculates current interest accruals and forecasts future portfolio earnings
– Calculate interest accruals for each loan account, and display accruals by fund or for the portfolio as a whole
– Forecast interest earnings, principal repayments, and ending balances for any range of months
– Print summary reports by loan fund or entire portfolio

Trend Analysis Report performs trend analysis for selected range of months and calculates historical data through selected date
– See portfolio at-risk trends month by month over selected range of months broken down by amount and percent of portfolio risk, month by month. Track your average monthly fund balance and loan loss rate
– Historically, calculate total loans issued, funds approved, and funds disbursed. See the number of loans paid in full and charged off, dollar amounts charged off, and percent of portfolio lost. Calculate the total dollar amount of repayments received by fees, interest, and principal, and calculate average loan size, term, and interest rate over the life of the fund