SBA Microloan Reporting Module

Reports electronically to the SBA through its Microloan Program Electronic Reporting System (MPERS)
Takes the information you’ve already entered in DLM and exports it into XML formatted files that can be uploaded to the new MPERS website portal

Submits Loan Origination File
Submits required information on the borrower, business, and details of the microloan itself; validates that all required demographic information about the individual borrower and business has been submitted, as well as essential loan characteristics (e.g., approved amount, closing date, interest rate, etc.)

Submits Loan Servicing File
Updates all of the active SBA loan accounts previously entered into MPERS with latest balances, delinquency status, and outcomes such as job creation and improved revenue; gathers up information about loans that terminated during the reporting period and reports on their final outcomes