DLM Editions Comparison

This comparison chart will acquaint you with the differences between the Cloud, Basic, and Select editions of DLM.

DLM Features Basic Select Cloud
Web-hosted system check
Locally-installed system check check
Interest Calculation Methods
Daily 365 (simple daily interest calculated on 365-day yr.) check check check
Daily 360 (simple daily interest calculated on 360-day yr.) check check
Fixed Monthly (fixed monthly rate = balance * annual rate /12) check check
Interest calculation method selectable loan by loan check check
Track lines of credit check check
Billing Features
May assign due dates on 1st or 15th only check
May assign due dates on any day of the month check check
Single payee (make check payable to…) check
Multiple payees (if more than one agency receives checks) check check
Management Reports
May produce reports for entire portfolio (all funds) check check check
May limit reports to a single loan fund check check check
May choose to include some funds and exclude others check check
Features Only on Network / Multi-User Versions
Simultaneous multi-user access check check check
Password security check check check
May assign variable access rights to individual users check check check