Tech Support

Telephone Support on Demand

  • Get quick help for all your technical needs. In most cases, DownHome Solutions is able to provide on-the-spot response to your inquiries; we pride ourselves on same-day service.
  • This includes help with installation, trouble-shooting software technical issues, handling network configuration issues for Desktop Edition network licensees, answering “how-to” questions, giving advice on booking unusual loans, handling special transactions, and more.
  • Unlimited number of calls, up to two hours of telephone technical support per month.


  • Telephone training sessions are available by appointment, in 30-minute or 1-hour blocks. Training sessions may be tailored to your needs — from beginning level software orientation to handling special loan cases.  New staff are encouraged to call for an overview session.

Built-In Software Upgrades

  • Cloud Edition: Upgrades happen regularly behind the scenes without interrupting your work. The cost is included in your subscription package.
  • Desktop Editions: Organizations who are under a service contract will automatically be entitled to any new release or upgrade and covered under the contract. Such upgrades will be available at no additional cost, except for shipping and handling.


  • Cloud Edition: The cost of tech support is included in the initial setup and training package, and is covered thereafter under the ongoing subscription package you choose.
  • Desktop Editions: The cost for a 12-month service contract is calculated at 20% of the total software license (e.g., core system, add-on modules, network services, etc.)