Legacy Desktop Support

​Telephone Support on Demand

  • Get quick help for all your technical needs. In most cases, DownHome Solutions is able to provide on-the-spot response to your inquiries; we pride ourselves on same-day service.
  • This includes help with installation, trouble-shooting software technical issues, handling network configuration issues for network licensees, answering “how-to” questions, giving advice on booking unusual loans, handling special transactions, and more.
  • Unlimited number of calls, up to two hours of telephone technical support per month.


  • Telephone training sessions are available by appointment, in 30-minute or 1-hour blocks. Training sessions may be tailored to your needs — from beginning level software orientation to handling special loan cases.  New staff are encouraged to call for an overview session.

Built-In Software Upgrades

  • Organizations who are under a service contract will automatically be entitled to any new release or upgrade and covered under the contract. Such upgrades will be available at no additional cost, except for shipping and handling.


  • The cost for a 12-month service contract is calculated at 20% of the total software license (e.g., core system, add-on modules, network services, etc.)

Already a DLM Desktop user?​ Migrate to the Cloud!
We’d love to take you to the cloud. We’ll make it easy for you by migrating your data and simplifying the process of moving from a licensing arrangement to a subscription plan. It only takes us a few days to migrate your backup, so you’ll be up and running again in no time. We’ll apply the remaining investment you made in the desktop system to the cloud subscription plan you select.

Benefits of the Cloud Edition:

  • Use DLM anywhere.​ Have satellite offices? Need to work from home or on the road?  Simultaneous access is a given. Gather mission-­critical information in real time when and where you need it.
  • Leave all the IT to us.​ Our hosted system offers state­-of­-the-art technology, powered by an industrial-strength database system, enterprise-­level security, and redundant backup systems. Software updates arrive automatically. Subscribe to new modules, and they seamlessly appear on your system.
  • Integrated web services. On the cloud, DLM is automated to take advantage of powerful web services from Google and others, making geo-­mapping and looking up geographically­-based income guidelines instantly available.
  • Enterprise-level security. Your data is housed on the most trusted industrial-strength web hosting services (AWS), offering multi-layered firewall protection and automated, redundant backup services. All communications are secured by SSL transmission protocols. For details, see technical specifications.

DLM Cloud Edition is available by monthly subscription. Annual discounts are available. For details, see the Cloud Order Form and list of A​dd-­On Modules.​

New to DLM?
It is possible you’ll want to start with one of our desktop editions. Why? While we are working hard to build all of the add­-on modules for the Cloud Edition, currently a few are still available only on the desktop. If your goal is to have a cloud-­based loan management system, but need to use a module that’s not yet available in the cloud, don’t let that stop you. Start with a license and service contract for one of the desktop editions and we’ll move you over to the DLM Cloud Edition as soon as the module you need is ready.

Desktop versions of DownHome Loan Manager come in two editions: B​asic ​and S​elect.​ These editions are designed to operate in a traditional installation-­based environment. Both are available with an optional multi­user license so staff may simultaneous access DLM over the organization’s own local network. Choose from an array of add­-on modules to meet specific needs such as automated ACH transactions, Credit Bureau Reporting, reporting to the CDFI and much more.

Add-On Modules Legacy Desktop Order Form

DLM Features Basic Select Cloud
Web-hosted system check
Locally-installed system check check
Interest Calculation Methods
Daily 365 (simple daily interest calculated on 365-day yr.) check check check
Daily 360 (simple daily interest calculated on 360-day yr.) check check
Fixed Monthly (fixed monthly rate = balance * annual rate /12) check check
Interest calculation method selectable loan by loan check check
Track lines of credit check check
Billing Features
May assign due dates on 1st or 15th only check
May assign due dates on any day of the month check check
Single payee (make check payable to…) check
Multiple payees (if more than one agency receives checks) check check
Management Reports
May produce reports for entire portfolio (all funds) check check check
May limit reports to a single loan fund check check check
May choose to include some funds and exclude others check check
Features Only on Network / Multi-User Versions
Simultaneous multi-user access check check check
Password security check check check
May assign variable access rights to individual users check check check

Minimum System Requirements

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows©. DownHome Loan Manager (DLM) is a Windows program, so it requires Microsoft Windows to run (Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP).
  • Network operating system: For its multi-user network versions, DLM will operate on a variety of popular network operating systems. The following are fully supported: Microsoft Server 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003, 2000, Novell. DownHome Loan Manager may also be set up on a peer-to-peer network (in which several PCs share files without the use of a dedicated server). DLM may also be configured for remote access through Microsoft Server Remote Desktop Services, Terminal Services, Citrix Metaframe, etc.
  • Minimum memory (RAM): 32 MB minimum. 128 MB or more preferred.
  • Disk space: Disk space: 20 MB for the program. Disk space for data tables will vary depending on amount of data records to be stored.

Underlying Database Platform

DownHome Loan Manager is built on Paradox© for Windows, a robust relational database system, originally developed by Borland International and now by the Corel Corporation. DownHome Loan Manager  version 4.0 is distributed with a runtime version of Paradox for Windows, version 10, and the Borland Database Engine (BDE).


DownHome Loan Manager© is the property of DownHome Solutions and Erik Wogstad and is protected by copyright. All copies of the software are licensed and distributed exclusively through DownHome Solutions, a software and services company. COPYRIGHT © 1997-2003 DownHome Solutions and Erik Wogstad. COPYRIGHT © 1997 Snohomish County Private Industry Council and DownHome Solutions and Erik Wogstad. All rights reserved.

Select Edition
Comprehensive loan tracking and and billing system
Basic Edition
Daily or fixed interest calculation formula only
Multi-user network system and license
Network version, unlimited users, with optional password security and variable access rights
ACH Module $500.00
Adjustable Rate (AR) Module $250.00
Assistive Technology Module $750.00
Capital Manager Module $1,800.00
CDFI Reporting Module $575.00
Client Manager Module $575.00
Credit Bureau Reporting Module $675.00
Escrow Module $1,200.00
Fee-Based (riba-free) Loan Module $250.00
Flexible Schedule Module $500.00
IDA Module $2,500.00
Line of Credit/Interest-Only Module $200.00
Loan Loss Reserve Module $225.00
Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) Reporting Module $1,000.00
Outcome Tracker Data Exchange Module $500.00
Participation Module $1,200.00
Pipeline Module $450.00
Projected Earnings Module $125.00
QuickBooks Module $725.00
Retained Earnings Module $500.00
Trend Analysis Module $275.00