DLM Cloud Edition is available by monthly subscription and discounted if prepaid annually. An initial setup and training package will get you up and running on DLM Cloud Edition, and technical support is covered thereafter under the ongoing subscription plan you choose. Check on the availability of add-on modules for the Cloud Edition below.

Subscription Available in Cloud Monthly Price
DLM Cloud Edition (includes 2 user accounts) $100.00
Add-On Modules
ACH Module $15.00
Adjustable Rate (AR) Module $15.00
Assistive Technology Module TBA $40.00
Capital Manager Module TBA $30.00
CDFI Reporting Module $10.00
Client Manager Module $20.00
Cloud Edition Analytics Package Module $10.00
Credit Bureau Reporting Module $20.00
Escrow Module April 2019 $35.00
Fee-Based (riba-free) Loan Module $5.00
Flexible Schedule Module $5.00
IDA Module TBA $75.00
Line of Credit/Interest-Only Module $5.00
Loan Loss Reserve Module $5.00
Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) Reporting Module TBA $15.00
Outcome Tracker Data Exchange Module $15.00
Participation Module $30.00
Pipeline Module $10.00
Retained Earnings Module $15.00
QuickBooks Module $20.00
SBA Community Advantage (1502) Reporting Module $50.00
SBA Microloan Reporting Module $30.00
Additional User Accounts (2 user accounts included in Core)
1 user $20.00
5 user pack $75.00
10 user pack $100.00
NOTE: 10% discount on subscriptions for annual pre-pay
Set up and initial training package $1,800.00
Data migration from Legacy DLM Desktop $500.00
Data conversion from other systems call for a quote